PACTGPediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group
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Prevalence of dyslipidemia in adult and pediatric HIV populations Author Site(s)/Year(s) Number Glass (15) Switzerland, 8033 SHCS; 2000-2006 Buchacz (3) USA, HOPS; 3166 2006-2010 Oh (16) CDC MMP, 539 Oregon; 2007-2008 Mothe (17) 8 Barcelona HIV 179, all clinics; 2008 [greater than or equal to] 70 years old Myerson (18) New York City 4278 hospital; 2010-2011 Carter (19) US perinatally 178 children infected cohort; 1999-2004 Jacobson (20) US PACTG 219C 2581 children cohort; 2000-2007 Author Metric Results Glass (15) TC [greater than 37.
In the PACTG 076 trial, IV ZDV was administered as a loading dose of 2 mg/kg current body weight over 1 hour followed by continuous infusion of 1 mg/kg per hour until delivery (23).
As previously noted, the adherence instrument used in our study has been validated for use as part of standard practice in PACTG therapy studies.
Finally, a study of children enrolled in PACTG protocols 219 and 219C--a multisite US cohort of children born to HIV-positive women set up to study the long term effects of in utero antiretroviral exposure--recently reported a higher prevalence of birth defects than found in other paediatric cohorts.
The goal of PACTG 1022 was to recruit at least 440 pregnant women across the nation, of which 15 were to be enrolled in the University of Tennessee Medical Group.
Protocolo PACTG 076 de administracion de zidovudina para prevenir transmision madre a hijo de VIH Antes del parto ZDV 200 mg cada 8 horas VO, iniciar desde semana 14 de gestacion y continuar hasta el comienzo del trabajo de parto (opcion ZDV 300 mg cada 12 horas).
A 2008 analysis of 1236 children and adolescents enrolled in PACTG 219/219C calculated a 76% lower risk of death in the 866 who began an NNRTI-based or a PI-based triple combination rather than some other regimen through 10 years of follow-up (HR 0.
It is followed by an analysis of vertical transmission data (Mark Cotton, Soyeon Kim, Helena Rabie, Joan Coetzee and Sharon Nachman, from the PACTG 1041 team), emphasising again the importance of a good antenatal antiretroviral component.
Mascolini: The PACTG 381 (1) and COHERE (2) cohort studies documented poor virologic response rates to antiretroviral therapy by adolescents.
The PACTG 1020A Protocol: Atazanavir with or without ritonavir in HIV-infected infants, children, and adolescents.
Two cohort studies, PACTG 381 (12) and COHERE, (13) demonstrated poor virologic response rates to antiretroviral therapy in youth.