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PADAPersonal Accounts Delivery Authority (UK)
PADAProfessional Autograph Dealers Association
PADAPhiladelphia Area Disc Alliance (ultimate)
PADAPrabhupada Anti-Defamation Association
PADAPortobello Road Antique Dealers Association (UK)
PADAPersonal Aircraft Design Academy
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In the first pada, the hope (asa, xiqiu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) of people (manusa "men"; zhongsheng [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "beings") unites the Chinese translation with the Sanskrit.
For instance, the RV and AV padapathas represent iva with an avagraha, indicating univerbation, the padapatha of the Taittiriya-Samhita represents iva as a completely independent separate pada.
Each of these passages shows vertical word-for-word correspondence, either within the pada (a, b) or across a pada-boundary (c).
However, since that work catalogues only exact or almost exact repetitions of padas, it fails to make entirely accessible the poetic technique of formulaic variation, more important to the small scale and intensity of bardic activity in the RV than verbatim repetition of large textual blocks, a procedure more at home in epic.
CONTACT: Erma Byrd, Ebyrd Communications, +1-323-965-5551, or Jojo Pada, Ignition PR, +1-201-227-6945, for THE NY CALL
1cd harir anyasyam bhavati svadhavan / chukro anyasyam dadrse suvarcah 'on one gold appears: it is independent; on the other there appears a gleaming (color) of beauteous splendor' (each pada representing a single colon).
Tenders are invited for Repairs to bandhara at vasa arashi pada 1 taluka talasari, dist palghar.
CONTACT: Jojo Pada of Ignition PR, +1-201-227-6945; or Kasey Cleckler of Alliant Music Group, +1-615-595-9268, ext.
I WANT to pay tribute to the late Joan Keogh, who was the founder member of Wirral PADA.
Tenders are invited for Repairs to bandhara at upalat patil pada taluka dahanu, dist palghar.
For More Information Contact: Jojo Pada IGNITION PR - (201) 227-6945 ignitionpr@gmail.
Pada, which is based in Norris Green, offers support and counselling to parents and relatives of people affected by drugs.