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PADAPersonal Accounts Delivery Authority (UK)
PADAProfessional Autograph Dealers Association
PADAPhiladelphia Area Disc Alliance (ultimate)
PADAPrabhupada Anti-Defamation Association
PADAPortobello Road Antique Dealers Association (UK)
PADAPersonal Aircraft Design Academy
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Namun adanya perubahan pada keadaan atau kondisi ekonomi bisa saja mempengaruhi kapasitas untuk membayar secara tepat waktu dibandingkan komitmen keuangan yang ditunjukkan oleh kategori peringkat yang lebih tinggi.
Subsequently, authorities had agreed to provide Campbell Park, Colombo as an alternative venue to host the meeting but the leaders of the Joint Opposition had turned them down and the protest rally was held at the Lipton Circus where a massive crowd congregated at the conclusion of the five-day Pada Yathra, which had wended its way along the Kandy road.
As a public body, PADA will adhere to the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 to let all the contracts to run the personal accounts scheme.
The aim of the paper is to establish, on the basis of faunal remains recovered from the Pada settlement site, the species' structure and slaughter ages of the animals.
Dalam filsafat pada 1995 dia menggeneralisir dialektik dengan neutrosofi, yang merupakan sebuah cabang baru filsafat yang mengkaji asal, ciri-ciri dan skup netralitas, sebagaimana juga interaksinya dengan spektrum ideasional yang berbeda.
The body and coffin, by now extremely brittle, are then reduced to powder on a vibrating padA magnetic field is used to remove all traces of mercury and other metals from the powder, which is then transferred to a biodegradable coffin, made from vegetable matter.
Road And Culvert From Mini House Towards Dhoba Pada,Wno.
21 -- Commencing the Sripada pilgrim season on Unduwap Full Moon Poya Day (December 20, 2010), tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered at the summit of the Sri Pada holy mountain, known as the Adam's Peak in the West, paying homage to the Holy Foot Imprint of Lord Buddha.
PADA (Liverpool) Kinship Carers, who are based in Norris Green but work across the city, is predominantly made up of grandparents, as well as aunties and uncles, who look after children unable to live with their birth parents due to either death, drug or alcohol misuse, or a chaotic lifestyle.