PADEPPennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
PADEPParticipatory Agricultural Development and Empowerment Project (Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security; Tanzania)
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We obtained radon data on 1,983,705 indoor radon tests conducted in 806,469 buildings between 1987 and 2013 from all 67 counties in Pennsylvania; these tests were submitted by certified testers, laboratories, or homeowners to the PADEP Bureau of Radiation Protection, Radon Division.
Under Pennsylvania law, the rule must be finalized by March 2016; otherwise, PADEP will be required to restart the rulemaking process from the beginning.
Perform Facility Operational inspection on all City Fuel underground tanks per PADEP regulations.
EPA, PADEP, and ATSDR, and developed a final report that included a series of recommendations (PADOH, 2001).
PADEP is conducting a study to determine the extent of potential exposures to radioactive fracking wastewater.
After completion of soil and groundwater testing and a human health risk assessment PECO recently obtained a release of liability from the PADEP.
admit under oath in a deposition in another lawsuit that he, Mark Alsentzer and other Pure Earth employees drafted and sent the purportedly 'anonymous' libelous letter to PADEP, but also the criminal behavior of which the defendants complain in their letter was actually committed by a company controlled by LaVan, Jr.
The PADEP filed the lawsuit today in federal court in Western Pennsylvania alleging that Allegheny's operations at its Armstrong, Hatfield's Ferry and Mitchell power stations violated federal and state pollution control regulations.
Under its contract, Baker will assist PADEP with the Land Recycling Program, Hazardous Sites Cleanup Program, Multi-Sites Agreements and the Storage Tank Program.
None of the soil samples contained concentrations of compounds of concern in excess of established PADEP Act 2 residential Statewide Health Standards.
This is a new client relationship for EA and we hope to use our experience in landfill construction to provide PADEP a high quality finished product.
EOG will cooperate with the PADEP in the event these time periods need to be modified.