PADEPPennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
PADEPParticipatory Agricultural Development and Empowerment Project (Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security; Tanzania)
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The settlement between the Department of Justice and the city of Lancaster resulted from several years of investigation of alleged violations by EPA and PADEP, followed by extensive federal-state negotiations with city officials.
We obtained radon data on 1,983,705 indoor radon tests conducted in 806,469 buildings between 1987 and 2013 from all 67 counties in Pennsylvania; these tests were submitted by certified testers, laboratories, or homeowners to the PADEP Bureau of Radiation Protection, Radon Division.
Under Pennsylvania law, the rule must be finalized by March 2016; otherwise, PADEP will be required to restart the rulemaking process from the beginning.
The Bureau of Land Recycling and Waste Management, Southcentral Region of PADEP receives nearly 150 quarterly reports from landfills across the region.
Under the agreement with PADEP, Rosebud is responsible for all costs to treat the mine pool water.
Although PADEP, PECO and WCU records included measurements of fish abundance, these were converted to presence-absence data consistent with the PAFBC records.
EPA, PADEP, and ATSDR, and developed a final report that included a series of recommendations (PADOH, 2001).
In April of that year PADEP asked all Marcellus Shale fracking operations to stop sending their wastewater to treatment plants, according to Kasianowitz.
Scott Roberts, deputy secretary of mineral resources management for PADEP.
This is the fourth general technical assistance contract awarded to Baker from the PADEP with past five-year contracts initiated in 1990, 1999, and 2004.
of Mount Morris, supplier of a drill rig used to sink rescue shafts, PADEP officials said.