PADHPhilipp aus dem Hanfbachtal (truck sales; Germany)
PADHPrince Albert Daily Herald (Canada)
PADHPhysical Alterations and Destruction of Habitat (UN Environment Programme)
PADHPlasma Antidiuretic Hormone (endocrinology)
PADHPeace Arch District Hospital (British Columbia, Canada)
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The death rate was 5%, and blood transfusion was necessary for <20% of all patients and for <5% of patients with PADH anemia.
PADH occurred in 27% of patients in this study, but it was rarely associated with severe anemia and was never fatal.
We have shown that the risk for PADH is linked to the peak number of pitted erythrocytes rather than the absolute initial level of parasitemia (31).
In addition, patients with PADH whose anemia was well tolerated may have gone unreported or been lost to followup.