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PADLPractical Aspects of Declarative Languages
PADLPersonal Activities of Daily Living
PADLPublic Access Defibrillation League
PADLProjet d'Appui au Développement Local (French: Local Development Support Project)
PADLPreservation Association of Devils Lake (Lincoln City, OR)
PADLProof-Of-Concept Aerospace Defense Location
PADLPrototype Air Defense Location
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Because of its correlation with a diverse set of variables in this study, PADL proved to be a useful tool to distinguish a subgroup of aged inmates with multiple concurrent needs.
PADL is a simple means to assess function and could serve as an index of multiple impairments.
7) PADL has potential to be incorporated into instruments that trigger deliberations about release.
Participants who were persistently depressed had lower cognitive and prefracture PADL and social function than those who were not depressed (Table 6).
NOTE: MMSE = Mini-Mental State Examination; PADL = physical activities of daily living.
Depression during hospitalization, by itself; is not predictive of later functional status: This group displayed increased risk in only one PADL and in no summary indices.
In this study, the available prefracture and baseline variables (age, gender, race, marital status, education, and cognitive and prefracture comorbid, PADL, IADL, and social function) did not differentiate individuals who were persistently depressed from those whose depression resolved by two months postfracture.
Information about PADLs was obtained with a modified version of the Functional Status Index (Jette, 1980), to which was added lower extremity activities of relevance to hip fracture recovery.
PADLs and IADLs were assessed in reference to whether the individual could perform the task independently; activities were coded to represent dichotomous categories with 0 representing independent functioning and 1 indicating dependence.
Multiple linear regression was used for the summary score, controlling for age, gender, race, education, marital status, comorbidities, cognitive status, and prefracture PADLs, IADLs and social functioning.
a) Adjusted for age, gender, race, education, marital status, comorbidities, Mini-Mental State Examination score, and prefracture PADLs, IADLs, and social functioning.