PADRPPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet) Active Discovery Request
PADRPort A Data Register
PADRParticipatory Assessment of Disaster Risk
PADRPreliminary Airworthiness Design Review
PADRPerformance Achievement and Development Review
PADRProduction Accounting and Data Reconciliation
PADRPersonal Appraisal and Development Review (UK; National Health Service)
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The budget for the PADR related actions in 2017 is 25 million.
The PADR will provide European added value as the research projects will focus on capability priorities at European level, notably through the Capability Development Plan (CDP), and on areas where Member States can no longer afford to act alone.
Mr Domecq stressed that the Agency was now ready and well prepared to run the much bigger PADR with its 90 million budget of which 25 million are earmarked for 2017.