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PADSParallel And Distributed Simulation
PADSPrinciples of Advanced and Distributed Simulation
PADSPlanning and Development Services (various locations)
PADSPPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet) Active Discovery Session-Confirmation
PADSPrecision Airdrop System (US Air Force)
PADSPublic Action to Deliver Shelter
PADSPeople And Dogs Society (UK Charity)
PADSPacific Assistance Dogs Society (British Columbia)
PADSParti Africain pour la Démocratie et le Socialisme( African Party for Democracy and Socialism, Senegal)
PADSTransactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
PADSPrecision Aerial Delivery System
PADSParti Algérien pour la Démocratie et le Socialisme (Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism)
PADSPen Application Development System
PADSPhysical Agent Data Sheets
PADSPosition Azimuth Determining System
PADSPosition & Azimuth Determining System
PADSParametric Airborne Dipping Sonar
PADSParallax Aircraft Docking System
PADSParti d’Avant-Garde Socialiste (French: Avant Garde Social Democratic Party, Morocco)
PADSProtected Archives Distribution System
PADSPlanned Arrival & Departure System
PADSProgrammer's Advanced Debugging System
PADSPassenger Airbag Disarm Switch (automotive)
PADSProduct Assurance Data System
PADSParts And Drawings System
PADSPenetration Aids Deployment System
PADSPersonnel Automated Data System
PADSPassive Advanced Sonobuoy
PADSPrice & Availability Data Sheet
PADSPlatform Aft Deck Switch
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A common complaint isn't always related to the recoil of a lightweight rifle with no recoil pad.
Molded shoulder pads are often made of foam and conform to the body nicely (B).
I used to use the medium size pads, but now that the dogs are bigger and after enough spillage, it definitely makes sense to opt for the XL size pads now.
Supplies uv screen-printing inks and screens; pads, plates, and doctor blades for transfer pad and complete line of pad-printing inks and solvents.
In another test, the researchers discovered that the mucus has a watery consistency, causing it to flow away quickly so that a pad can directly contact a surface, Federle says.
Thinner elastomer layers and a larger shape factor allow laminated pads to support larger loads and movements than plain pads.
Using heating pads or heat wraps before exertion is one way of taking good care of yourself by taking charge of your health," the Sunbeam spokesman says.
Park monitors and pad enforcers are a plague; the No-Fun Police pestilence.
Medical grade urethane membranes (either 8-mil, or--in really tough applications, like shoes--15-mil thickness) enclose a low-viscosity fluid to form a pad of a specific shape and size.
Today, as sales of disposables surpass $1 billion (with $700 million more from sales of tampons), reusable menstrual pads face a similar challenge, with the added hurdle of needing to educate women on their ecological importance.
This determines the injection pressure needed from the injection unit in order to fill the pads and cavities.
Have a few pads in your locker and backpack--just in case you're caught off guard.