PAEKPolska Asocjacja Ekologii Krajobrazu (Polish: Polish Association of Landscape Ecology)
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Our investment, not only in PAEK manufacturing, but in downstream capability, in know-how in technical excellence and research & development, helps to further differentiate our company.
The new facility for the manufacture of PAEK went into operation in the north-west of the UK during April.
An image file accompanies this release: Victrex: New PAEK plant (c) Victrex
Solvay Specialty Polymers has the industry s widest range of high and ultra-high performance polymers and these expansions will strengthen its position as a leader in PEEK and PAEK.
The injection-molded end caps made of AvaSpire PAEK serve as part of a rigid connector system for the ducting.
AvaSpire PAEK is a family of customizable high-performance polyketones tailored to fill cost and performance gaps between PEEK and other high-performance polymers.
Total annual production of Victrex PAEK polymers after completion will then stand at more than 7,000 MT per annum, an increase of around 70 percent on Victrex's current capacity of 4,250 MT per annum.
In addition, to support this expansion of production of Victrex PAEK polymers, Victrex will also invest in uprating its integrated supply chain for the key raw material for the manufacture of PAEK polymers.
Offering a consistent, reliable supply of high quality PAEK polymers ready for shipment to meet our existing and new customers' needs both today and in the future is an integral part of our strategy and focus," Said Tim Cooper, Managing Director at Victrex Polymer Solutions.
PAEK find applications in the automotive, chemical process, oil and gas, aerospace, medical device, telecommunications and electronics industries.
This review provides an overview of all the key aspects of PAEK technology including their production, characterisation, product forms (including compound, blends, composites, films, coatings and medical grades) and classes of application in each industry sector.
Manufacturers report that PAEK film feels less crinkly and is slightly more flexible than PEEK film at comparable thicknesses.