PAEKPolska Asocjacja Ekologii Krajobrazu (Polish: Polish Association of Landscape Ecology)
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The new center will function as an enabler for rapid prototyping of new parts and components with novel PAEK materials.
The Polymer Innovation Centre will further extend Victrex's capabilities in innovation and assist customers in the development of technological advances using VICTREX PAEK solutions.
The efficient processing and performance advantages of PAEK thermoplastic composites combined with state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing will position TxV Aero Composites to meet the industry's cost and weight challenges.
Optacores two specialty optical fiber mini cable designs are comprised of an outer coating of either KetaSpire PEEK or AvaSpire PAEK that covers a primary coating consisting of a polyimide, silicone, metal or carbon layer.
The part features a typical grid stiffened panel that can be found in large numbers in aerostructure applications, made of VICTREX PAEK material solutions and currently among the finalists for the prestigious CAMX Combined Strength Award 2017.
TxV Aero Composites intends to offer a range of PAEK composites, from custom laminates to pre-formed composite inserts for hybrid molding processes, as well as finished parts and overmolded hybrid composite components and assemblies.
The injection-molded end caps made of AvaSpire PAEK serve as part of a rigid connector system for the ducting.
Victrex says the new PAEK plant serves as the " backbone" for it to develop core growth and future opportunities, where it is focusing on a smaller number of larger opportunities in automotive, aerospace, energy, electronics and medical markets.
The solution was Victrex's development of a new PAEK resin to serve as the matrix for a continuous-fiber laminate that can be overmolded successfully with PEEK.
UK-headquartered Victrex Polymer Solutions, a manufacturer of high performance polyaryletherketones, has announced plans to increase production capacity by around 70 percent for its Victrex PAEK polymers, reflecting confidence in the growth potential for global demand across a wide and growing range of applications in the transport, industrial and electronics sectors.