PAERPriority Area for Economic Regeneration (UK regional planning)
PAERProgram in Afterschool Education and Research (Harvard Graduate School of Education; est. 1999)
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The model emerged from a series of experiences, but coalesced in Project PAER, a teacher professional development initiative rooted in studies of inquiry, learning theory, professional development, and technology.
Major activities of the PAER project were the development and offering of a Science, Technology and Society graduate course and a follow-up Science Inquiry graduate course through UNF.
During Project PAER, many web sites were identified, reviewed, evaluated and used in order to provide teachers with accessible resources that support teaching according to state and national standards.
A goal of the PAER initiative was to use advanced technology, such as desktop video conferencing, to provide K-12 teachers in northeast Florida a "virtual" or technology-assisted link to NASA and other relevant resources including materials, personnel, and expertise.
Thus, contexts for learning in PAER were varied and authentic.
A major consideration for PAER was to build on existing networks.