PAEWPublic Authority for Electricity and Water (Oman)
PAEWPersonnel and Equipment Working (FAA)
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The Public Authority of Electricity and Water (PAEW), organised in cooperation with the National Records and Archives Authority (NR) an introductory session on Methodology and System of Disclosing the Private Documents and the Preparation of the Private Documents Management System for PAEW , under the auspices of Mohammed bin Abdullah al Mahrouqi, Chairman of PAEW.
The PAEW has been making continuous efforts to provide high quality drinking water and the water quality department in Muscat headquarters and the water quality sections in other regions of Oman ensure and regulate the water quality from all the sources," the official added.
PAEW is seriously looking at the wider strategic role renewables can play in Oman s future energy mix.
The meeting discussed the state of electricity and water and the causes of deficiencies and PAEW opportunities to provide high quality, safe and sustainable services for all residents of the Sultanate, according to the vision and objectives of the Government.
The seminar will discuss an assessment of the readiness of the Sultanate for renewable energy, as PAEW and in cooperation with IRENA has appointed a local consultant to study the current situation of the Sultanate and the analysis of the available data for renewable energy sources as one of the steps that pave the way for the development of general and sustainable policy for renewable energy in the Sultanate.
The PAEW will replace half of the existing station magnetic devices, retaining the rest and working via the old system for tankers owners, who have old cards that will be used for the remaining credit for a week.
Oman's Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) will sign a strategic partnership contract with French company Veolia Water to improve the country's water grid and enhance the authority's performance, the Oman Daily Observer cites a senior PAEW official.
Competent teams from the PAEW connected water lines with the new pumping station in Al Ghubra neighbourhood, and reviewed all the work associated with the second stage and evaluated all the data of laying of pipes over the two stages.
The opening ceremony was held under the patronage of Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Mahrouqi, Chairman of PAEW who stated that the rid tides have a remarkable impact on the fisheries and desalinations plants in the Sultanate.
These are some of the large projects to be undertaken by PAEW in a move to address the increasing demand for water in the sultanate.
If the customers find the commercial water suppliers more convenient, they can negotiate the price, but, in general, the PAEW provides tankers free of charge during crisis," he added.
The committee comprises members from the contractors and PAEW.