PAFLPontifical Academy for Life
PAFLPan-American Federation of Labor (est. 1918; Laredo, TX)
PAFLPak-American Fertilizers Ltd. (Pakistan)
PAFLPamlico Aquaculture Field Laboratory (North Carolina State University)
PAFLPak Arab Fertilizer Limited (Pakistan)
PAFLPort Augusta Football League (Australia)
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The objective of the current study was: (1) To analyze the clinical characteristics of patients with PAFL; (2) To determine the risk factors for PAFL and help physicians make treatment strategies.
Patients were classified into two groups: PAFL group and NPAFL group (without PAFL) based on the results of pulmonary function tests.
performed to find the correlation between variables and PAFL.
In addition the ratio of FEV1/FVC in initial and 3 or 12 months after enrollment was significantly lower in PAFL than NPAFL group (all the p value is 0.
Sputum induction examination was completed in 98 patients in PAFL group and 110 patients in NPAFL group.
The risk factors associated with PAFL was listed in Table-II.
Up to date the mechanism of PAFL is still not completely clear.
The influence of smoking on PAFL has been emphasized by many authors.
Moreover we found the longer asthma duration is the risk factor associated with PAFL.
Although the key features of PAFL (zonation, fibroblastic foci, and wedge-shaped configuration) were not recognized by Lichter and Gwynne, (8) one of their photographs is suggestive of a PAFL lesion.
unpublished data, 2012) that were recurrent but did not have PAFL, and in the one case where we have tissue from both the initial pneumothorax and the recurrence (biopsies 2 and 8, Table 1), PAFL are present in both.
It is possible that PAFL is a result of either a primary structural abnormality of the pleura or an abnormal healing process.