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PAFRPopular Annual Financial Report(s)
PAFRPlatelet-Activating Factor Receptor
PAFRPortland Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve (Australia)
PAFRPatient Accepts Financial Responsibility (form)
PAFRPantai Aheh Forest Reserve (Malaysia)
PAFRPeak Atrial Filling Rate
PAFRProgramme des Aides Familiales en Résidence
PAFRPulmonary Artery Flow Rate
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First, the Illinois PAFR is unique as it was the only document to use the GASB performance reporting format to structure its PAFR.
In other words, just because a PAFR mentions jobs created in the last fiscal year, it does not mean the PAFR effectively measures the performance of economic development initiatives.
Similarly, the Nevada PAFR is worthy of note for including a table of aggregate performance measures that includes historical data and goals for reducing highway fatalities, the percentage of state roads in fair or better condition, and high school graduation rates.
If the average of the top three judge's scores is 75 percent or higher, the report will be deemed to be in substantial conformance with program criteria and will receive the PAFR award recognition.
The PAFR task force extended the deadline to November in 1992 and 1993 on account of the particularly large number of participants with fiscal years ending June 30 that could not get their reports completed within three months.
Governments that have issued a CAFR that has received the GFOA's Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the prior fiscal year end and that intend to resubmit their CAFR to the program for the current fiscal year are eligible to participate in the PAFR program.
The nearly week-long visit by the delegation, the first of its kind by PAFR, has been a successful one, he said, noting that members of the delegation and FAO personnel took an impressive leap in laying a solid technical foundation for the work of FAO's new office in Kuwait.
The subjects that were thrashed here will be turned over to the management of PAFR for its perusal, with the emphasis on the over-arching issue of food security in Kuwait, he said, wishing for closer cooperation ahead between the Kuwaiti Authority and FAO.
The task force did feel that more trend data should have been presented in the PAFR to round out the background discussed in the narrative.
This PAFR was appropriately titled Citizen's Report.
For example, 46 percent of the increases in the general fund during 1990, almost $22 million, was represented by "operating transfers in," unexplained in the PAFR.
Kuwait is represented by PAFR and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), who have carried out the by-catch reduction project and found new technologies for fishing nets, he explained.