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PAGADPeople Against Gangsterism And Drugs
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Clearly there must have been some hard men at the centre of PAGAD and, whatever their motives, vigilante justice is at best a kind of wild justice: no society can allow people to take the law into their own hands.
PAGAD appeared in Capetown in 1996,as a response by Muslim communities to the problems of drugs and gangsterism that were ravaging numerous communities while the state was incapable of controlling the situation.
The Department of State's 1999 and 2000 reports on patterns of global terrorism mention a militant group known as Qibla as associated with PAGAD.
conocer por los servicios de inteligencia sudafricana, el PAGAD tiene una red de colaboradores que le permitio identificar a 86 de los gangsters de Ciudad del Cabo, una de las principales ciudades donde el indice de criminalidad ha crecido de manera alarmante, logro matar a 24 de ellos durante 1997.