PAGFPinto America Growth Fund (Houston, TX)
PAGFPregnancy-Associated Growth Factor (biochemistry)
PAGFPublic Aggressive Growth Fund
PAGFPolyamide Glass Fiber-reinforced
PAGFPhilippines-Australia Governance Facility
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During welding, the glass fibers tend to orient themselves in the plane of the weld creating an interface whose properties are largely dictated by the properties of the thermoplastic polymer matrix [8, 12, 27], It should also be noted that the tensile strength of PIWGF specimens are ~20% lower than that of the PAGF specimens in both unwelded and welded conditions.
6a), while the PAGF fracture surface appears to be smooth (Fig.
Furthermore, it has been reported that the crystallinity of PIWGF is lower than that of PAGF [25], which translates to a weaker matrix because PA6 is a semicrystalline polymer.