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PAGIPemco Aviation Group, Inc. (Alabama)
PAGIParents Advisory Group for the Internet (Singapore)
PAGIPenn-America Group Inc. (Bala Cynwyd, PA)
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In 2008, a special Bavarian coalition was built of the ASHIP, the Hartmann-bund, the PAGI and some local physicians' networks to win a contract with the local sickness fund under paragraph 73b (Arzte Zeitung 24th September 2008).
WHAT TO SEE Angeloskastro is a castle bet ween Pagi and Palaiokastritsa.
160): "Sane et hoc miraculum huic opusculo inserendum censui, quod multi vetustiores accolae se meminisse ferunt supradicti pagi.
In this deceptively simple statement, Caesar divides all of Gaul into three political units: the civitates, pagi, and domi.
A reporter for the Jakarta newspaper Sinar Pagi was found stabbed to death in the back seat of his car in West Kalimantan in July 1997.
Boschini, 182: Giuseppe Salviati "non ha forma / Ne Pagi, ne livree, ne Servitori, Con pompa de vaghezze e de colori; / Ma la simplice e pura verita.
The Germanic tribes from which the Anglo-Saxons descended, were divided into pagi, each of which was made up of vici.
It's no secret that the decrease in global cargo volumes has negatively affected the demand for logistics and warehouse space around airports," said John Carver, head of the PAGI group at Jones Lang LaSalle.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Causeway On Internal Road At Baldevi Pagi Falia
MODEL Lynn Pagi came over all Rihanna yesterday as she frolicked in a field.
cartoon noir" that takes TV to a new level with its searing and witty look at the world of the physically and mentally challenged through the eyes of a cast of misfits living in a boarding house, and Bob and Margaret, a 52-episode show co-produced with PAGI that stars a married English couple in the throes of mid-life crisis.
GLAM 3GIRLS Models Lynn Pagi, Gabriela Sinevici and Gorama Nedic SPOTLIGHT Aisling O'Loughlin, Karen Koster, Lisa Cannon, Sean Munsanje and Glenda Gilson with actress Leigh Arnold