PAGSPhiladelphia Area Girls Soccer
PAGSPeace and Global Studies (Earlham College; Richmond, IN)
PAGSPelvic Anatomy and Gynecologic Surgery (symposium)
PAGSPalo Alto Girls' Softball (California)
PAGSProvince of Alberta Graduate Scholarship (Alberta, Canada)
PaGSPennsylvania Gourd Society
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The growing demand for processed food, metal working fluids, surfactants, compressor lubricants, and increased vehicle production is supporting the growth of the global PAGs market.
Breaking the piracy business model must occur on three different levels: (1) the recruiting pool must decrease; (2) pirate groups must be disbanded; and (3) financiers must no longer be willing and/or able to fund PAGs.
Zondervan Publishing House Hardcover, 301 pags, $32.
Triarylsulfonium salts have been widely employed as photoacid generators (PAGs) for microelectronic imaging because they have several advantages as PAGs (18).
A third centre of interest is in the Philippines, where the PAGS subsidiary is a minority partner with a 10% share in the Philippine International Air Terminals Co.
PAGs are small close-knit groups of eight to twelve members from non-competing businesses who meet monthly to share personal and business ideas and experiences in a confidential environment.
For instance, they deliberately allowed it to take control of the mosques, on the one hand, and strengthened the national-religious trend each time they wished to oppose the left-wing of the FLN and the PAGS [Communist party], on the other hand (Boudjedra, 35).
A founding member of CAFE-Manitoba and its immediate past chairman, Seier belongs to one of its two PAGs and finds the experience invaluable to him.
And it is men, women, and sex that ol' Pags claims to be an expert on.
For example, our largest electronic printer produces 120 pags per minute, and the smallest produces 12 pages per minute.
Increasing demand of PAGs due to its environment-friendly characteristics"
activites au PCA puis au PAGS et dirige, en tant que redacteur, Alger republicain.