PAGSPhiladelphia Area Girls Soccer
PAGSPeace and Global Studies (Earlham College; Richmond, IN)
PAGSPelvic Anatomy and Gynecologic Surgery (symposium)
PAGSPalo Alto Girls' Softball (California)
PAGSProvince of Alberta Graduate Scholarship (Alberta, Canada)
PAGSPennsylvania Gourd Society
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If the parties involve will stop paying or sponsoring PAGS, they will stop operating.
Using a linear intercept method, the PAGS of these process conditions are estimated to be 18 [micro]m, 31 [micro]m, and 38 [micro]m, respectively.
The aim of this study was to test a commercially available ELISA kit (produced for cattle PAGs detection) as a new option for pregnancy diagnosis in early, middle and final gestational stages of sheep, using serum samples.
Lubricants application is projected to dominate the PAGs market during forecast period"
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And, with ultra-low room rates available to PAGS 2010 participants, you can afford to treat yourself to that much more of what the Wynn has to offer.