PAGSEPartnership Group for Science and Engineering (Canada)
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PAGSE is encouraging all its members, including chemists, chemical technologists and chemical engineers, to share their ideas on these important issues.
Every fall, PAGSE submits a brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance to provide consensus views from the science and engineering community on policy issues and initiatives.
Even if FINA allows CIC, PAGSE or CCR to present a brief in person this October, we would be one of half a dozen groups per session.
While the leading-from-behind approach of PAGSE will not necessarily satisfy individuals who simply want to take government to task, Kassen maintains that the stakes are even higher.
For this reason, the CIC is an active, participating member of PAGSE and uses it to get out our research and innovation message to the federal government through the annual Brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.
PAGSE will present their recommendations to the Finance Committee at a meeting in October.
Excerpts from both the PAGSE and CCR briefs follow, pertaining to the support and recommendations on government science.
In previous submissions to this committee, PAGSE has strongly recommended that the Government of Canada should evaluate its recent investments and prioritize its future funding of government science.
Since the Finance Committee hears from many different organizations and represents only about ten MPs, both PAGSE and CCR continue to meet with other MPs and senior bureaucrats, especially in the fall, to emphasize the key points and messages.
You can view the 2005 PAGSE and CCR briefs on the CIC Web site at www.