PAHGPrivataerztliche Abrechnung Hannover GmbH (German: Private Medical Billing Hannover GmbH; Hemmingen, Germany)
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On the PAHG region, the AINs form large bilaterally located fascicles on the serosal surface of the hindgut.
2[beta]]ir was distributed in large, prominent plaques associated with the longitudinal folds on the PAHG (Fig.
Preliminary experiments that examined hindgut contractions using irrigated, empty caudal sections (the distal 30% of PAHG plus rectum, sphincter, and anus) showed that muscle contractions occurred spontaneously in about 30% of preparations.
The caudal hindgut, which includes the caudal portion of the PAHG, rectum, and anus (Fig.
In the PAHG group, a single endoscopic injection was unsuccessful for 21 ureters (14 patients).
We present the first prospective evaluation comparing PAHG and Dx/HA for the treatment of pediatric VUR.
Baseline characteristics of patients Characteristics PAHG Dx/HA p value No.