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PAHOPan American Health Organization (WHO)
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PAHO was one of the first teams on the ground following the impact of Hurricane Irma.
Zakiya understands the need for evidence-based solutions and public-private partnerships in achieving effective health promotion and is committed to the Foundation's mission of improving the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of people across the Americas," PAHO Foundation President and CEO Dr.
For Zika virus disease surveillance in the absence of commercially available diagnostic laboratory tests, case definitions incorporating rash as a required clinical criteria, such as the PAHO, ECDC, and Singapore MOH case definitions, would be useful (LR+ >2), although [approximately equal to] 50% (range 44%-51%) of cases of Zika virus disease could be missed.
Data were provided to PAHO by national health authorities under the International Health Regulations or collected from publicly available reports from Ministries of Health.
Already, every nation in the Americas can now buy five of the six recommended hypertension drugs through the PAHO Strategic Fund's purchasing agreements.
By contrast, modern environmental threats are linked mainly to chronic diseases: asthma, neuro-developmental disorders, birth defects, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental health problems, and pediatric cancer (Haggerty and Rothman 1975; PAHO 2012b).
The first record of the disease outside the region dates back to 1952 in Tanzania, but major outbreaks occurred in 2004 on the African continent, in South Asia, the Pacific region, and Southeast Asia, said PAHO.
In October 2013, PAHO released a Resolution: Human Resources for Health: Increasing Access to Qualified Health Workers in Primary Health Care-Based Health Systems, which emphasized the essential role HRH play in expanding access to quality primary care.
We know from evidence that voluntary, altruistic and repeated blood donation is the best way for countries to ensure a safe and sufficient blood supply," said Mirta Roses, director of PAHO.