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PAHOPan American Health Organization (WHO)
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The first record of the disease outside the region dates back to 1952 in Tanzania, but major outbreaks occurred in 2004 on the African continent, in South Asia, the Pacific region, and Southeast Asia, said PAHO.
The PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) Foundation and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) announced today a partnership to jointly build regional capacity to fight woman's cancers in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Among them are the American Public Health Association's Bronfman Prize, the American Veterinary Medical Association's International Veterinary Congress Prize, the Surgeon General's Medallion, the PAHO Abraham Horwitz Award for Excellence in Leadership in Inter-American Health, the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health) Medal of Merit, and many more.
Leveraging the financial facilities, regional experiences, and replicability potential of the IDB, the technical expertise of PAHO, and the advocacy and fundraising resources of the Global Network, the LAC NTD Initiative has established a regional agenda to address the treatment gap for those afflicted by NTDs, such as indigenous groups, rural communities, the elderly, and women and children.
This proposed strategy, approved by the PAHO Directing Council on 1 October 2008, has the possibility of stimulating and accelerating the introduction of new screening technology and HPV vaccines into programmes throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
PAHO provides technical support for the HIV/AIDS strategic plan preparation, strengthening quality control for laboratories and testing; research including behavior change; support to the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute on nutritional aspects for PLWHA; tuberculosis management; education; study on NGOs; and strengthening monitoring and evaluation (education, management, analysis and systems development).
The report, Alcohol and Public Health in the Americas: A Case for Action, maps out the considerable toll of alcohol on health in the PAHO region and argues that reducing alcohol consumption should be a top public health priority in the hemisphere.
PAHO hopes to collaborate with the United Nations to address this region's socioeconomic challenges.
In countries with available data, 42 percent of nursing positions throughout the region were unfilled in 2005 (CARICOM/ PAHO 2005).
The strategy emphasised the PAHO approach to provide all children with a second opportunity for measles immunisation.
This comprehensive and very interesting book is based on a decade of field experiences of PAHO and its associates in 10 Latin American countries.