PAHPAPortuguese American Health Professional Association
PAHPAPandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act of 2006
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Along with PAHPA, we support simultaneous reauthorization of the BioShield Special Reserve Fund, as that funding is vital for private companies, given the high cost and significant time commitment associated with the development and manufacture of these products for which the federal government is the only customer.
The original PAHPA legislation represented a major step in developing the role of America's public health and medical systems in preparing for, and responding to, major emergencies, whether natural or man-made.
The reauthorization of PAHPA and the Special Reserve Fund signify the solid commitment of government attention and funding which will allow the biotech industry to do even more to help protect our nation.
This contract was the first to use advance and milestone payments under Project BioShield as modified by PAHPA.