PAIGCPartido Africano para a Independência da Guiné e Cabo Verde (Spanish: African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde)
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However, the move was condemned by many PAIGC members, forcing Vaz to seek the support of the PRS, the second-largest party in parliament.
Early this month, Dja was suspended from his post as the third vice-chairman of PAIGC by the party's disciplinary committee for undermining the party's chairman, Simoes Pereira.
This latter is particularly important because it is the cadres of the PAIGC who have done the most at home to keep the light of Pan-Africanism and the general African Revolution from being extinguished by racist imperialism and neo-colonialism.
Though Amilcar Cabral had been murdered, PAIGC had declared Guinea Bissau independent.
By 1972, the PAIGC controlled much of Portuguese Guinea despite the presence of the Portuguese troops, but the organization did not attempt to disrupt Portuguese control in Cape Verde.
The Guinea-Bissau National Council of the PAIGC also met in December to review the year with pride and reveal with confidence the plans for the coming year.
When the PAIGC was finally dislodged by an opposition party in 2000, the Party for Social Reform (PRS) led by Koumba Yala, they governed exactly like the PAIGC, only looking after their own kind and also quickly bringing their own regional and ethnic supporters into the army.
The PAIGC National Assembly met at Boe in the southeastern region and declared the independence of Guinea-Bissau on September 24, 1973.
The strains are not yet public but are beginning to be sensed by outsiders as the political elite of both governments protests continuously their undying loyalty to the PAIGC and its commitment to unification.
24) MPLA was formed on April 4, 1961, PAIGC on January 23, 1963, and FRELIMO on September 25, 1964.
Friday's decision, which was made after more than half of the country's 35 political parties signed an agreement with the junta, is likely to anger the PAIGC party, which was in power until last week and did not sign the deal.
He worked to garner support for the PAIGC amongst Cape Verdeans in Senegal and France, and moved up the ranks of the party.