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PAISPublic Affairs Information Service
PAISPadre Island National Seashore (US National Park Service)
PAISPath Alarm Indication Signal
PAISPartial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
PAISPhosphoribosylaminoimidazole Synthetase
PAISPrivacy and Anonymity in the Information Society (Workshop)
PAISProcess Appraisal Information System (SEI)
PAISPortable Ada Interface Set
PAISProgram and Integration Support (contract)
PAISPrototype Advanced Indications System
PAISProyecto Agroindustrial Sixaola (Spanish: Sixaola Agroindustrial Project; Sixaola, Costa Rica)
PAISProducer-Archive Interface Standard
PAISPolitical and International Studies (various schools)
PAISPlan d'Action Industriel et Social (French: Industrial and Social Action Plan)
PAISPublic Administration Information System
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Le gouvernement marocain a decide de poursuivre le quotidien El Pais devant les autorites judicaires espagnoles competentes, ajoute le communique.
LIVE Audiovisual, which was formed in 2012 by three highly experienced broadcast professionals, has been supplying El Pais with video coverage using LiveU's LU60 mobile backpack over 3G and Wi-Fi.
El Pais apologises to its readers for the damage caused.
The Marca Pais program participated in special events including the 2012 London Olympics, the Cannes Lions Festival, Formula One, the Pan American Games and the Tianguis Turistico, as well as the Centenary of the Revolution, Tijuana Innovadora, Bicentennial of Independence, the Mayan World program, and meetings such as COP 16, Green Solutions, T20, B20, G20, WTTC, WEF, and many others.
Pais said the organization prides itself on its openness to accepting new members, regardless of how many members the group has from the same profession.
Se a educacao e prioridade neste pais, e assim mesmo que tem que ser.
PAIs, such as counting one's blessings, practicing optimism, performing acts of kindness, and using one's unique strengths, "teach patients ways to increase their positive cognitions, emotions, and behaviours without professional help," say the researchers.
Ainda que datado, "filho" de conjuntura politica de repressao politica, na qual o "inimigo" era visivel e notorio, talvez o maior merito do artigo de Rodrigues--entre outros--seja possuir certa atemporalidade, no sentido de indicar caminhos para se estudar "ritos esportivos" como "me talinguagens", independentemente da conjuntura politica do momento, entendendo o esporte como "drama" da vida social, corrente academica que marcara a virada argumentativa dos entao escassos estudos sobre o futebol no pais, a partir de 1982, com o livro organizado por Roberto DaMatta, Universo do Futebol, o qual analisaremos adiante.
2 billion), reported the London-based AL QUDS AL ARABI online Monday, citing a report in the Spanish daily El PAIS.
MC) is planning to expand its investments in Latin America to strengthen its regional position, Dow Jones has reported, citing a separate report by El Pais.
El Pais labelled the Spanish squad as looking like they were undergoing torture after watching their three group games - a 1-0 defeat by Switzerland, a 2-0 win over Honduras and a 2-1 victory over Chile - to finish top of their group but face a tough clash with 2006 semi-finalists Portugal on Tuesday in Cape Town.
MADRID: Spain s government has given up on securing a deal with unions and employers on a reform of rigid labor market rules and is preparing to impose its own plan, newspaper El Pais reported on Monday without citing sources.