PAOAPlantes Alimentaires Ouest-Africaines
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Paoa is normally assigned to the Personnel Support Detachment, Naval Station Everett, Wash.
Paoa was nominated for the honor by his Officer-In-Charge, Air Force Lt.
Each time he leaves the relative safety of the base compound, Paoa follows a basic rule.
That awareness has served Paoa and his team well, according to Moore.
That mission in particular was very different," recalled Paoa.
Paoa was assigned as a guard, for a three-vehicle convoy, when the second truck got a flat tire.
Following established rules of engagement, Paoa raised his M4 rifle, took careful aim and fired a warning shot, stopping the large truck in its path," according to Moore.
colorless glass trophies paoa extra light 20mm, polished beveled edges on high and wide top, base 90 x 150 mm, 100 x 250 mm front.
Phillips and Mark O'Neill 2006 '"Putting up your dukes": Statues, social memory and Duke Paoa Kahanamoku', International Journal of the History of Sport 23(1):82-103.
Kahanamoku Beach, Waikiki, Hawaii This beach was named in the honor of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku who was a gold medal Olympic swimmer and credited with introducing surfing to the outside world.
We are at a pivotal time in our history," said Pedro Pablo Edmunds Paoa, mayor of Rapa Nui.