PAONPrimary Addressable Object Name
PAONPost Academisch Onderwijs Nederland (Dutch: Postgraduate Education Netherlands)
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Nymphea Du Paon held off the challenge from two stable companions, Shayel Aldhabi in third and Skoop, who came fourth.
Aden and Nymphea Du Paon are likely to go into the Euros 100,000 contest as favourites.
However, Dutchman De Vries, who has finished the UAE season in flying form, will be trying to mastermind revenge this year as he rides Seraphin Du Paon for trainer Ernst Oertel whose stable jockey Tadhg O'Shea rides stable companion and local debutant TM Junior Johnson.
Meanwhile, TM Fred Texas registered a triumph in the first race of the afternoon's action, the Dubai Kahayla Classic, ahead of runner-up Seraphin Du Paon and Timadit Al Mels, who finished back in third.
Located on the site of the iconic Le Paon Rouge, the place to see and be seen in the 1960s and 1970s, Whisky Mist is looking to cash in on a location's history to draw in around 2,000 clubbers each week, while remaining unfazed about meeting the same fate as the club, which was destroyed at the outbreak of the Civil War.
Plusieurs tons sont declines dans la collection, du blanc virginal ombre de rosefuchsia et rebrode de plumes de paon ou de motifs d'hortensias.
Iffat Rahim, on the other hand, acts well and given that this is a comeback of sorts for her as far as acting goes, she has come a long way from the wooden-faced moaning nymph in Nangay Paon.
For instance it has been reported that PAON is not antibacterial but becomes membrane-disruptive and bactericidal when one modulates the amphiphilicity of PAON via the incorporation of nonpolar units.
Avec leur plume de paon fichee derriere l'oreille, un carre de cotonnade serre autour des reins, ils se croient assez riches pour pouvoir regarder de travers la deesse des Diables blancs et lui dite : << As-tu des ancetres ?
In 1312, a Frenchman named Jean de Longnyon wrote of neuf preux, "nine worthies," in his book, Voeux du Paon, "Vows of the Peacock.
This five-star hotel has been restored to its original 1930s style and is just a stroll away from the Grande Place, where you can enjoy a candlelit dinner at Le Paon restaurant.
On n'y voit ni ceinture, ni cheville, ni fer a cheval, ni ruban noue autour du col de la chemise, ni chapka de travers, ni plume de paon (Roger 1863: 34)(6).