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Papar has a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, where he specialized in Refrigerants and Energy Systems.
In addition to this, it is important to conserve Kampung Tikolod as an origin site of the sompoton and to preserve its link on the salt trail (an 8 hour walk) over the Crocker Range to Kionop, and beyond to other villages in Ulu Papar including Kampung Buayan, Kampung Tiku, Kampung Timpayasa, Kampung Babagon Laut, and others further towards the coast.
Unfortunately, an outside private developer is planning to destroy much of the culturally and environmentally rich Ulu Papar area by constructing a dam called the Kaiduan Dam that will flood the villages of Buayan, Tiku, Timpayasa and Babagon Laut over the Crocker Range towards the coastal plains of Papar.
Roman Catholic missionaries noticed the autonym Kadazan, from Kakadazan meaning one who lives in the direction of the township (from kadai or 'shop') being used in Papar among the coastal Dusun in the late nineteenth century.
As background to the Papar Land Case, Wong notes that the Papar region was at the turn of the twentieth century the principal "rice bowl" of Sabah and that its local Kadazan/Dusun inhabitants were well-known at the time as industrious padi planters.
Ironically, as Wong observes, it is from this negative portrayal by the government that a picture of Simon most clearly emerged as a dedicated leader championing a cause capable of arousing the consciousness of the entire Papar Dusun community.
This is a somewhat surprising source given the fact that Woolley, as a Company officer, Commissioner of Lands and Collector of Land Revenue, was a major principal in the Papar Land Case.
A more prominent name from Papar would be the Dahm family of Limbahau, particularly Bernard Dahm, who was awarded a Papal Medal.
The district of Papar is one of the oldest human settlements in Sabah.
Thus Woolley, as Commissioner of Lands, was directly involved in the Papar Land Case.
Woolley was exposed to native adat in the notorious Papar Land Case in which demands were made to return village lands.
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