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PAPAWPushrim-Activated Power-Assist Wheelchair
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I like Denblan, below left, a whitening and brightening toothpaste which contains papaw extract, mint and parsley essential oils.
I long to hear a sound that would draw me up to the back porch of a house in the hills to meet the grandparents I have never felt in my arms--Mamaw, Papaw, Gram, and Poppa Cecil.
A typical PAPAW can sense the torque on the pushrim to generate proper assist torques by motors.
We picked papaw, green bananas, pigeon peas, cucumbers, breadfruit and dug sweet potatoes and carrots.
The center of the bouquet held three Sweet Unique roses in memory of her beloved Grandma, GanGan, and Papaw.
These were the two harshest messages of his papaw, the most inexplicable.
Papaw, or papaya, grows in tropical countries and is available in supermarkets all year round.