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PAPIPrecision Approach Path Indicator
PAPIPublic And Private Information
PaPIPhonetics and Phonology in Iberia (International Conference)
PAPIPolymethylene Polyphenyl Isocyanate
PAPIPerception and Preference Inventory (psychology)
PAPIPersonal And Performance Information
PAPIPaper and Pencil Instrument
PAPIPrecise Automatic Photogrammetric Intervalometer
PAPIPC Voice Application Programming Interface
PAPIProvisioning Application Programming Interface (
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We organized subjects' perceptions as measured by the PAPI variables into three groups: "intended," "neutral," and "unintended.
The isocyanates, PAPI and MDI, gave the largest flexural strength enhancements of all the thermosets (see Fig.
Tan edited a collection called Queer PAPI Porn (Cleis Press) that purported to be, according to Tan in his introduction, "the first-ever collection of gay male erotica by Philippinos, Asians, and Pacific Islanders.
Papis General Fall is among the nine finalists in one Dakar neighbourhood when he is led out on a rope and brought past the judges before being given a bag of food to keep him busy while the other finalists are trotted to the loud beats of a drum circle.
The club were unable to bring back star centre Mike Konanec and Italian fans' favourite Papis Samb among a few other players and that had a drastic affect on the season.
His capture is a timely boost for the TADEA Lions, who have admitted they are set to lose Italian star Papis Samb who has received at attractive offer from Cesano Basket of Milan.
Metalite's range provides battery powered PAPIs and lights for runway edge, threshold, approach, taxiway and parking areas.
MIDDLESBROUGH star Papis Samb and head coach James Thomson have been acknowledged for their efforts in the club's promotion winning season.
Two years ago, Scott Pruett and Max Papis combined to win the Grand American Road Racing Daytona Prototype championship, grabbing four race wins.
The area is 'The area is nice, there's loads to do and its people are great' COMING from Milan, Papis Samb knows what it takes to make a great city.
The brainchild of entrepreneur and former Hispanic PR Wire founder Manny Ruiz, PapiBlogger also regularly features guest columns from other Papis and product reviews.