PAPMPrecaution Adoption Process Model (human behavior studies)
PAPMPrincipal/Assistant Project Manager
PAPMProcess Algebras and Performance Modelling (est. 1993; workshop series)
PAPMPublic Affairs and Policy Management (education program; various locations)
PAPMPhilippine Association of Paint Manufacturers, Inc. (est. 1961)
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Because PAPM is especially useful when people are unaware of an issue, which is common with older adults and HIV/AIDS, it is an appropriate theoretical approach to the problem.
No literature on the use of the PAPM with older adults in preventing HIV/AIDS is available at this time.
2002) used PAPM stages as one factor to help tailor information to premenopausal women concerning osteoporosis health behaviors.
PAPM has been used for a variety of health behaviors.
In conclusion it can be said that more interventions that reify PAPM in alcohol and drug education need to be developed and tested.
The mean scores on the 7-risk perception subscales were compared for respondents in stage 1 and stage 7 of the PAPM (Table 2).
Construct validation of the scales using the PAPM showed that differences in the perceived risk for RWI scale, as well as the perceived vulnerability and perceived severity subscales, were significant in the hypothesized directions, with respondents in stage 7 exhibiting lower mean scores that respondents in lower stages.
The Philippine economy has registered average growth of about 4% over the last 10 years, with the conservative International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasting a 6% growth this year," said Jerry Sy, President of the PAPM.