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PAPOSPan African Psycho-Oncology Society
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Il commence par analyser une forme tres prisee de communication orale appelee bater papo que les jeunes, et notamment les hommes, pratiquent au quotidien, avant de se pencher sur l'utilisation du telephone portable.
Free to occupy their time more or less as they please, young men enjoy sitting around with others who share their predicament and engaging in a form of oral exchange known as bater papo.
Bater papo is a Brazilian expression young people use in reference to a form of oral exchange that could be translated as to chat, (6) though with the risk of downplaying its social value.
Young people also reflect on the productive power that the appropriate papo can have on others.
Whereas most people can converse, not everyone has conversation (ter papo) and there are important differences between bater papo and fular ('to talk').
The consumption of alcohol and marijuana is also seen as a key ingredient of 'sweet' papo.
They live in the same neighbourhoods, attend the same schools, pray in the same churches, drink in the same bars and engage in bater papo together.
In sum, ter papo is a quality that not only distinguishes men from women, at least in theory, but also urban from rural folk.
Everyone present took part in the conversation very seriously, contributing to the papo by asking Paito to discuss specific details of the project 'Will there be a cover charge?
you know the kind that have papo and know how to charm women'.
Papo sessions are, however, more than a performance of, or substitute for, mobility.