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PAPRPowered Air-Purifying Respirator
PAPRPeak-to-Average Power Ratio
PAPRPartially Acidulated Phosphate Rock
PAPRPhysician Assistants' Prescribing Reference
PAPRProduct Assurance Program Representative
PAPRPersuasion Architecture in Press Releases (Future Now, Inc.)
PAPRPolish Academy of Public Relations (Warsaw, Poland)
PAPRPower Architecture Platform Reference
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Some entities advise against the automatic assumption of PAPRs as protective for hazardous hospital environments, while advocating the performance of a full HVA to assess the adequacy of PPE against potential health care worker hazards (OSHA, 2005).
PAPR reduction is performed by employing some properties or methods in time domain to the original OFDM signal so that the alternate candidate signals are generated and the candidate with lowest PAPR is selected for transmission.
PAPR has been formed to provide a platform to public relations practitioners in the country and highlight PR activities.
Information on the effectiveness of PAPR fertilisers on the soils of the Riverine Plain and their effects on runoff water is scarce.
Originally developed and selected for deployment to the National Guard WMD Response Teams, the Safety Tech C420 PAPR National Guard Kit was designed to provide respiratory protection in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) incident.
In further experimentation, we found that when the surgical helmet was worn inside a PAPR system, the particle count inside the helmet was low, regardless of whether the fan was turned on or off (J.
The Cd in superphosphates is water-soluble and high analysis P fertilisers, such as TSP, PAPR, and ammonium phosphates, generally contain lower Cd content relative to P.
The PAPR can be worn with a customer-driven ergonomic back harness or a comfort belt, depending on the user work profile.
This device provides a higher level of protection against airborne infectious agents (any PAPR equipped with a hood or helmet with any type of particulate air filter has an assigned protection factor of 25 [32]), and it may be faster and easier to apply in an emergency situation.
We require PAPR systems for use during baghouse changes, because workers are exposed to ammonia as well as dust," Johnson said.
This includes Tyvek suits, gloves and PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator).
Multi-carrier DPD and CFR for reduced PAPR and more robust links with higher capacity