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PAPRPowered Air-Purifying Respirator
PAPRPeak-to-Average Power Ratio
PAPRPartially Acidulated Phosphate Rock
PAPRPhysician Assistants' Prescribing Reference
PAPRProduct Assurance Program Representative
PAPRPersuasion Architecture in Press Releases (Future Now, Inc.)
PAPRPolish Academy of Public Relations (Warsaw, Poland)
PAPRPower Architecture Platform Reference
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The performance from the system is evaluated against metrics such as Eb/No, ISI and PAPR and compared with that of DCT system.
j] changes in a transistor when non constant envelope signal with high PAPR is present at the input.
In our paper, we have proposed a novel PTS scheme and a new SLM scheme where the number of correlations occurring between subsequences of each sub-block, has been reduced which in turn decreases the complexity of the transmitter and the receiver in a MIMO OFDM system and at the same time it lowers the PAPR considerably.
Minimizing the correlation among signals is especially important in situations where PAPR can reach high values such as multicarrier, CDMA, and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signals.
Along these drawbacks are the high PAPR, intolerance to amplifiers nonlinearities, and the high sensitivity to carrier frequency offsets.
WEST utilizes the AGUA Decision Support Center (2) on top of the CRL PAPR Collections Analysis system, to make selection/retention decisions.
Manufactured and tested to meet stringent EN12941 standards, the helmet with PAPR provides a high protection rating of TH2P and uses a high performance P3 main filter to remove particulate matter.
Therefore, PAPR reduction schemes have attracted extensive research, and many methods have been presented, which can be divided in two groups.
There will be also be dedicated playlists for certain products such as the recently launched spirit PAPR and Eagle Attack thermal imaging camera.
This includes Tyvek suits, gloves and PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator).
Multi-carrier DPD and CFR for reduced PAPR and more robust links with higher capacity