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PAQProfessional Accounting Qualification (UK)
PAQPreviously Asked Question
PAQPerformance Assessment Questionarie (various organizations)
PAQPosition Analysis Questionnaire
PAQPost Arrival Quarantine (Australia)
PAQPalace Acquire (intern; USAF)
PAQPreviously Asked Questions
PAQProgramme d'Assurance Qualité (French: Quality Assurance Program)
PAQPatient Assessment Questionnaire
PAQPlan d'Action Qualité
PAQPrior Authorization for Quantity Limit Exceeded (prescription drugs)
PAQProject Assessment Quotation
PAQProcess Average Quality
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The foundation provided in the PAQ program contributed to my successful transitions and promotions in and among the Air Education and Training Command, Army Special Operations Command, Army Installation Management Command, Air Force Materiel Command, and the National Guard Bureau's Joint Staff.
By summing up the seven PAQ subscale scores, researchers can obtain an overall or total (composite) PAQ score.
e Dependency scale) of Child PAQ developed by Rohner Saavedra and Granum 1978.
We therefore sought to compare the relationship between PBSS calculated from the PAQ and accelerometry measures of PA with trabecular and cortical bone properties in prepubertal children.
Table 1 Relationship between Perceived Parenting Styles of PAQ, Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale (DASS) and Ego- Resiliency Scale (ERS) (N=200)
Parenting styles The Arabic version of Buri's PAQ (PAQ-Arabic; Aldhafri et al.
Table 7 shows the Pearson correlation between PAQ and facial velocity (mean air velocity measured at 0.
These theories sparked the development of various instruments such as the BSRI and the PAQ (Baucom, 1976; Bem, 1974; Beizins, Welling, & Wetter, 1978; Heilbrum, 1976; Spence & Helmreich, 1978; Spence, Helmreich, & Stapp, 1974, 1975).
Items in PAQ were adapted to appear in questionnaire format with a simplified scoring procedure for use with parents and other nonprofessionals (Yoshinaga-Itano, Snyder, & Day, 1998).
PAQ [11] is a family of compressors, originally developed by Matthew Mahoney, based on context modeling.
The PAQ can be affected by high temperatures, air speed or the relative humidity (RH) in the space.
Table 6 Two-Way ANOVA for Ethnicity Time for All Measures Using a 3x2 Factorial Design F-Ratio Outcome Measure BDI PAQ Time 1.