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PAQPosition Analysis Questionnaire
PAQPalace Acquire (intern; USAF)
PAQPreviously Asked Questions
PAQProgramme d'Assurance Qualité (French: Quality Assurance Program)
PAQPatient Assessment Questionnaire
PAQPlan d'Action Qualité
PAQProject Assessment Quotation
PAQProcess Average Quality
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Table 7 shows the Pearson correlation between PAQ and facial velocity (mean air velocity measured at 0.
The parents and teachers of 11 students who were either deaf-blind or had multiple disabilities and visual impairments in two schools were asked to complete PAQ (Yoshinaga-Itano, Snyder, & Day, 1998).
Bit level coding in PAQ allows easy introduction of additional predicting models.
show that temperature and humidity have a large impact on the PAQ of a space.
We used recall information to derive the GIS time-activity variables and to obtain data on PAQ from the exposed women.
At the conclusion of the experiment, the students were examined with a PAQ posttest, and pretest and posttest means were computed on the three experimental variables for each of the groups.
Because Buri's original questionnaire was designed to reflect the children's perspectives of their parents, the wording of the PAQ was changed slightly to reflect parents' evaluations of themselves.
With respect to validity (Kenny & Donaldson, 1991), PAQ subscales have correlated moderately with conceptually relevant subscales of the Family Environment Scale (FES; Moos & Moos, 1986).
The PAQ describes the relationships to parents along three dimensions: Parents as a Source of Support, Parents as Facilitators of Independence, and Affective Quality of the Parent-Child Relationship.
It is reported that the PAQ from Jeffamine D-400 (polyoxypropylenediamine) and p-benzoquinone showed adequate properties to be used in coating formulations as a binder and anti-corrosive agent.
The main disadvantage of PAQ is that it measures on limited information on job content and there is no identification on what is important in measuring Organisational performance.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Ceridian Corporation, a global provider of human capital management solutions, announces that the PAQ, Inc.