PAQLQPediatric Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire
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Within each arm, preintervention to postintervention changes for PAQLQ and spirometry measures are presented in Table 2.
Efficacy analyses of preintervention to postintervention changes in PAQLQ and spirometry measures for treatment arms relative to placebo are presented in Table 2.
Intervention assignment continued to be unassociated with overall PAQLQ or the PAQLQ domain scores when PM measures were included in analyses.
Indeed, we observed an improvement in the magnitude of overall PAQLQ score from the preintervention to postintervention winters in all treatment arms.
This latter observation may explain, in part, why we did not demonstrate efficacy for PAQLQ in the air-filter arm, relative to the placebo arm.
For a given visit, study personnel administered the PAQLQ to participants.
Female sex adversely affected QOL with higher scores of all PAQLQ domains among asthmatic males.
23,38] found no correlation between PAQLQ score and PACQLQ score.
Juniper from McMaster University, Canada for her permission to use the PAQLQ, PACQLQ, and ACQ for the study, as well as all the children and their families for their participation in this study.
05, QOL: Quality of life Table 5: Comparison between overall PAQOL score and asthma control score of the patients regarding their body weight Body weight Overall PAQLQ Asthma control score (112) score (109) Mean [+ or -] SD, Mean [+ or -] SD, Number Number Underweight 3.
One explanation for this may be the fact that the parent completed the FACES II and the CHIC while the child completed the CASCL and the PAQLQ.