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The main study focused on a sample of 1063 individuals from the PAQUID cohort (mean age of 78), who were free from dementia symptoms at the beginning of the follow-up period and who had not consumed any benzodiazepines prior to the fifth year in the follow-up period.
To supplement these results, the researchers completed a case-control study on 1633 individuals with dementia (case) and 1810 without any dementia symptoms (control), all taken from the initial PAQUID population.
Longitudinal analysis of the effect of apolipoprotein E epsilon4 and education on cognitive performance in elderly subjects: the PAQUID study.
The general methodology of PAQUID has been previously published (Dartigues et al.
We thank the occupational health physicians and secretary of the Association de Medecine du Travail en Agriculture de la Gironde, and the PAQUID research team for their help in collecting the data and their helpful advice.