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PARSECParallax Second (unit of astronomical distance; 3.258 light-years)
PARSECParallel Simulation Environment for Complex Systems
PARSECPreliminary Analysis of Revolutionary Space Exploration Concepts (US NASA)
PARSECPittsburgh Area Realtime Scientifiction Enthusiasts Club (Pittsburgh, PA)
PARSECPathology Accessioning and Retrieval System with Encoding by Computer (computer application)
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Interested parties or media are welcome to contact Jen Neenan for more information about Parsec Technologies and its new office location.
Suzanne Henty, the Business Link account manager who has supported the couple with the launch and development of Parsec, said: "Shaun and Beverley are excellent examples of individuals who have realised their ambitions of self employment, and to start, sustain and grow their business.
Watching one of the staff use his pounds 300,000-plus stacker at the Parsec site was another eyebrow-raiser.
Since many astrophotographers prefer the greater sensitivity and versatility of a monochrome camera, S&T borrowed the Parsec 8300M and Nautilus filter wheel for this review.
In November the 5,000th container unit arrived and by the end of 1997 Parsec had handled 9,000 units at Hams Hall.
The pre-Hipparcos compilation extended out to a cutoff of 25 parsecs (82 light-years; one parsec equals 3.
Multiply the system's distance in parsecs (1 parsec is 3.