PARUPolice Aerial Reinforcement Unit (Thailand)
PARUPost Anesthetic Recovery Unit
PARUPublic Administration Reform Unit (Republic of Moldova)
PARUPalaeo-Anthropology Research Unit (University of the Witwatersrand; South Africa)
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Parus Capital today announced it has appointed James Austin as Head of the Institutional Client Group - Equity, for Asia.
Support for Lack's (1954) Winter Flood Limitation hypothesis has been found in some species, mainly in the genus Parus (Krebs 1971, von Haartman 1973, Jansson et al.
Beleyet parus odinoky (1936; Lonely White Sail, or A White Sail Gleams), another novel, treats the 1905 revolution from the viewpoint of two Odessa schoolboys; it was the basis of a classic Soviet film.
His tetralogy entitled Volny chernogo morya (Black Sea Waves) includes the novels Beleyet parus odinoky (1936; translated as Lonely White Sail, 1937; U.
Chez [beaucoup moins que]Actes Sud[beaucoup plus grand que], plusieurs titres sont parus a partir du mois de juin pour le plaisir des lecteurs.
com)-- Parus Capital announce their intentions to open offices in Europe most likely Zurich, Switzerland.
Such sites as Diesel and Parus spread chauvinism and incite interethnic strife.
Hoarding-site selection of the willow tit Parus montanus in the presence of the Siberian tit Parus cinctus.
Il est l'auteur de romans parus aux Editions Gallimard, dont [beaucoup moins que]Partir[beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que]Le bonheur conjugal[beaucoup plus grand que], de recits et de recueils de poemes.