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PASCPacific Area Standards Congress
PASCPan American Standards Commission
PASCProblèmes Actuels de Sciences Criminelles (French: Current Issues in Criminal Sciences)
PASCProvost Academy South Carolina (Columbia, SC)
PASCPortable Application Standards Committee (IEEE committee developing POSIX family of standards)
PASCPrecision Adaptive Subband Coding
PASCPlanarian Adult Stem Cell
PASCPalo Alto Soccer Club
PASCPolar Atmospheric and Snow Chemistry
PASCPsychoAcoustic SoundClash
PASCPerceptual Audio Sub-Band Coding
PASCPennsylvania Association of Student Council
PASCPeace Arch Soccer Club (British Columbia, Canada)
PASCPotential Airplane Safety Concern
PASCPCS Access Service for Controllers (Telcordia)
PASCProject Accompaniment and Solidarity with Colombia
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Our experiments performed in PASC conclude that deliquescent salts such as sodium perchlorate can form liquid water solutions on Mars on locations where salts are in contact with water vapor from the atmosphere or ice reservoirs (Zorzano et al.
In 1942, in order to centralize efforts, Monagas's PASC was placed under the Department of the Interior.
Over the summer and fall of 1998, consumers and providers worked to establish the governing board and develop the administrative structure of the PASC and organize the required 10 percent show of interest to trigger a union representation election for LA County's approximately 82,000 IP's.
Deployee dans tous les gouvernorats, l'equipe du PASC s'est mobilisee pour identifier, trouver les coordonnees et contacter ces associations afin de les informer de la dite campagne et de les inviter a se presenter le jour J munies de leurs dossiers selon un calendrier bien defini.
Sobrado por la manutencion tecnica de PASC y a Gerda Horneck por su continuo soporte cientifico.
PASC ACTION HERO: Pascali takes a sore one from Olejnik, above, then parties after his winner, left, while Bell denies Pele, below
As PASC says: "we call for consistent rules to be strictly applied so that former Ministers and other public servants are prevented for an extended period from using contacts built up in public office to further their own and others' private interests".
But PASC accused the Government of acting as "judge on its own behalf" by rejecting and qualifying a number of the Ombudsman's findings, for reasons which were "not well explained".
Se alio con el PVEM, el PASC y con agrupaciones locales (organizaciones indigenas y campesinas).
En la Camara de Diputados el PAN contara con 207 integrantes, la coalicion por el Bien de Todos tendra 159, 121 para la Alianza por Mexico, 9 seran para el PANAL y 4 para el PASC.
In March the PASC published a damning report on the advisory role held by Sir Alex, claiming it "lacks independence in practice" as it is "in the gift" of the PM and cannot instigate investigations.