PASPAProfessional and Amateur Sports Protection Act
PASPAPennsylvania Association of School Personnel Administrators (Indiana, PA)
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If PASPA is overturned or repealed, look for expansion of sports betting on a state-by-state basis, like how the spread of traditional gaming occurred, but at an accelerated rate.
And, in fact, statutes like PASPA are constitutionally questionable (17) (though most of the federal statutes listed by Justice Ginsburg and others as potentially imperiled are not).
The Third Circuit accepted jurisdiction over the appeal and addressed whether the language of PASPA permitted or prohibited Delaware's planned sports lottery scheme based upon Delaware's exemption under PASPA.
The Act served many purposes, but one of the most significant was to modify the impact of PASPA by preventing any state (including Nevada) from allowing legal wagers on high school or college sports.
Este trabajo es uno de los productos de una estancia sabatica que realizo el autor en la Universidad de Quebec, en Montreal, gracias a una beca que le otorgo la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, a traves de su Direccion General de Asuntos del Personal Academico, bajo el Programa PASPA.
Bowcock added: "Additionally we are pleased to expand our commercial relationship with Scientific Games in the US market which offers considerable potential should the Supreme Court ruling on PASPA, which is expected next year, provide states with the power to regulate sports betting.
Similar to PASPA, the Clean Air Act (CAA) generally preempts state vehicle-emissions standards, but it requires the EPA to more freely allow California to adopt its own standards.
304) PASPA "does not merely regulate private conduct; it curtails the regulatory and revenue-raising authority of the states.
Palacios-Vargas had partial support for this project from the program PASPA (DGAPA, UNAM).
PASPA prohibits state-run gambling unless state gambling "was authorized by a statute" and "actually was conducted" prior to October 1991.
The senior author is grant-supported by PASPA program (DGAPA, UNAM).