PASSHEPennsylvania State System of Higher Education
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PASSHE presented its findings and recommendations at a public meeting held in May.
In December 2014, with the approval of Mansfield University's administration, the MATS cataloging services business plan was submitted to the PASSHE legal department.
As of this writing, DiMarco and Harris have been contacted by three PASSHE institutions ready to use MATS cataloging services, and Bloomsburg is preparing the Letter of Understanding for additional projects for the 2014/2015 fiscal year.
The PASSHE Center City brand overhaul is more than just a logo; it is a new design scheme composed to create a distinctive look and feel that makes PASSHE Center City's brand instantly recognizable, while creating an overall, cohesive look between the center and the universities it partners with.
With its convenient and affordable approach to higher education, PASSHE Center City is a critical asset for Philadelphia's adult learners and an invaluable resource to prepare our workforce for the 21st century economy,” said Mayor Michael A.
Faculty members who teach at two of the PASSHE universities were surveyed using an electronic survey tool.
Researchers could survey all teaching members of PASSHE system to increase numbers of participants and determine if there are differences in pedagogy and assessment use across campus cultures.
While commonwealth appropriations have been stagnant in recent years and will likely decline substantially in fiscal 2012, PASSHE has already implemented cost-saving measures and retains some flexibility to further decrease expenses and increase tuition and fees.
The stable margin, as well as a conservative investment policy, allowed PASSHE to modestly grow its balance sheet resources in line with its expense base.
Fitch notes that had the commonwealth appropriated to PASSHE its designated fiscal 2009 allocation of federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds of $27 million, the margin would have been virtually breakeven.
In total, PASSHE serves more than 100,000 students, 586,000 alumni and 12,500 faculty members.