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PASTELPersistent Application Systems, Technologies, Environments and Languages
PASTELPortail d'Accès Sécurisé aux Téléservices (French: Secure Portal Access to Online Banking)
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When opting for pastel colors, you have many different choices and styles available:
Pastel paintings have been around for more than 300 years.
Similarly, avoid pastel blue in east-facing rooms and pastel yellow in those that face south.
Likewise, avoid pastel yellow in a south-facing room and blue in an east-facing one.
Wear it over rolled up indigo jeans, cute ankle socks and baby pink court shoes for a dressy (but still warm) day-to-night look that's pastel perfection.
Stick to sorbet shades for a pastel theme like this pale pink Anisha sofa from Barker and Stonehouse.
Dior's Pastel Fontages palette is a great way to introduce spring hues.
Today''s pastel shades are used to bring gentle colour while showcasing bolder tones.
Bright pops of citrus colours matched with cool pastel colours are great for introducing summer into the home.
So satisfy your sweet tooth with this spring's pastel style.
Jimmy March, now 64 and living in Northwich, grew up in Scotland Road, Kirkdale and decided to create pastel canvases of Liverpool's Pier Head and Albert Dock at night.