PASUPilipino American Student Union (Stanford University)
PASUPan-African Student Union (various locations)
PASUPhysics and Astronomy Student Union (University of Toronto; Canada)
PASUPediatric Ambulatory Surgery Unit (various locations)
PASUPreliminary/Provisional Approval for Service Use
PASUProvisional Approval for Service Use
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First BSU, later PASU, were not only supportive, but were integrated into our operations--often leading them.
Studies of variation in the use, cost, outcomes and appropriateness of PASU across a variety of patient conditions (e.
PASU was specifically defined as a binary variable indicating the use of PASs within 30 days of discharge from the index admission to hospital.
The relationships between PASU and patient characteristics at admission and during hospitalization were investigated.
In addition to the patient-level discharge severity score, hospital-level predictors were included in a hierarchical logistic regression model to estimate systematic and random variability in rates of PASU across hospitals (Gatsonis et al.
For patients within each hospital, the discharge severity score was related to the probability of PASU using logistic regression.
In particular, the proportion of individuals age 80 or over was greater in those with PASU than those without (40 versus 21 percent).
The overall rate of PASU across States varied from 31 percent in Ohio to 44 percent in Massachusetts.
The head was written by Gater editorial page editor Craig Schmalz, who also authored an editorial criticizing PASU for inviting a former top aide of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farahkan to speak on campus.
If he took that as a threat, that's on him, the PASU leader said.
i], represents the log-odds of PASU for a patient of average discharge severity treated at the ith hospital, and is assumed to vary across hospitals.
12]) represent the log-odds of PASU for a patient of average discharge severity treated at an urban, not-for-profit hospital that provides no home health services and has no separate long-term nursing home unit in a particular State.