PASVPassive Mode
PASVPassword Verification
PASVPortable Anodic Stripping Voltammetry
PASVPre-Application Site Visit (Seattle, WA)
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Specifically, patient outcomes demonstrated statistically significant lower rates of occlusion, infection, or both when the PICCs with PASV Valve technology were used.
Using the PASV command, administrators can configure IP addresses and port ranges behind firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT) devices with or without SSL for optimal protection.
CuteFTP uses the UPnP NAT interface (available in Windows XP) to provide proper port-mapping when connecting securely from behind a NAT/firewall using PORT mode (rather than PASV, due to the remote host also being behind a NAT/firewall).
I became involved with Catheter Innovations because of its commitment to provide superior care to patients through its PASV Protection Technology," stated Berkman.
FTP address translation - The newly added PASV mode FTP provides
The newly added PASV mode FTP feature provides outgoing address translation for FTP services.