PASWPredictive Analytics Software (applied statistical software)
PASWPublic Art South West (England, UK)
PASWPositive Action South West (HIV support group; UK)
PASWPerforming Arts Studio West
PASWPenetrating Abdominal Stab Wounds (surgery)
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The hierarchical clustering analysis (HCA) and principal components analysis (PCA) were applied to demonstrate the variability of the content of 11 flavonoids in 14 batches of Nelumbinis stamen samples by using PASW Statistics (Version 19.
Statistical analysis was performed using PASW Statistics 18 (SPSS Inc.
Statistics: Data analysis was performed using PASW Statistics (SPSS, Chicago) Version 18.
Descriptive and correlational statistics were performed using PASW Statistics (v.
The data were compiled into the means [ or -] standard errors of the mean (SEM) using PASW Statistics 18 (SPSS), and the level of significance was set at p<0.
Se uso el programa Microsoft Office[R] Excel[R] 2010 para el vaciado de los datos obtenidos y el analisis de los resultados fue realizado con el programa PASW Statistics v.
Descriptive and statistical analyses were done using PASW Statistics 18.