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PATProcess Action Team
PATParents As Teachers
PATPatch (File Name Extension)
PATProcess Analytical Technology (Federal Drug Administration)
PATProfit After Tax
PATPort Address Translation (NAT)
PATPenn and Teller (entertainers)
PATPlant A Tree
PATPupil Achievement Tracker (UK education software)
PATPointe-Aux-Trembles (Montreal District)
PATPolygon Attribute Table
PATPesticide Applicator Training
PATPage Attribute Table
PATProgram Association Table (MPEG-2)
PATPoint After Touchdown
PATPets As Therapy
PATParoxysmal Atrial Tachycardia
PATPortable Appliance Test
PATPre-Admission Testing (medicine)
PATPerformance Acceleration Technology (Intel)
PATProfessional Association of Teachers (UK)
PATPort Authority of Allegheny County (Pittsburgh Transit System)
PATProficiency Analytical Testing
PATPakistan Awami Tehrik
PATPerforming Arts Technology
PATPackaging and Transportation
PATPurge-And-Trap (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry)
PATPowder-Actuated Tool
PATPop-Up Archival Transmitting
PATPortland Association of Teachers (Oregon)
PATProfessional and Technical Staff
PATPlasma Arc Technology
PATPartnerships in Assistive Technology
PATPublic Access Terminal (kiosk)
PATPassive Anti Theft (automotive)
PATPart Average Testing
PATPopulation, Affluence, and Technology
PATProduction Acceptance Test(ing)
PATPerceptual Ability Test
PATPerformance Assessment Team
PATPersonal Automated Transport
PATProgram for the Academically Talented
PATProduction Acceptance Testing
PATPatna, India - Patna (Airport Code)
PATPassenger Air Tariff (aviation)
PATPort Arthur Transit (Texas)
PATPetersburg Area Transit
PATPersonal Applied Technology (Smart House, Disney Channel movie)
PATProduct Acceptance Test
PATProgram Allocation Table
PATProject Action Team (Sprint)
PATPermit Assistance Team
PATPsychiatric Association of Thailand
PATProvincial Advisory Team (Afghanistan)
PATProcess Activation Table
PATPreliminary Acceptance Test
PATPerformance Appraisal Team
PATPerformance Analysis Team
PATPicture Arrangement Test (psychology)
PATPersonal Automated Transit
PATProblem Action Team
PATPlayer Activated Terminal (lottery industry)
PATProcess Analysis Technique
PATProduct Analysis Team
PATPacific Advanced Technology, Inc
PATPrecision Atomic Time
PATPlutonium Air Transportable
PATProgrammable Alarm Thresholds
PATPassive Angle Track
PATPer Accomplishment Time
PATPrecedence Access Threshold
PATPrinter Action Table
PATPort Assistance Team
PATPersonnel Accounting Team
PATProvincial Achievment Test (Canada)
PATProgress Assessment Team
PATProject Acceptance Transfer
PATProgram Activation Team
PATPilot Activated Test
PATPMOLANT Assistance Team
PATPreliminary Acceptance Trial
PATPerpetual Accumulating Transport (electric vehicle)
PATPerioperative Acute Thromboembolism Syndrome
PATPerpetual Accumulating Trust
PATPrototype Adaptation Toolkit
PATProduct Assurance and Test
PATPractices and Trends
PATPromotion and Tenure (various schools)
PATProgram Analysis and Transformation (various organizations)
PATPublic Affairs Television (Public Broadcasting Service; New York, NY)
PATPurpose, Audience and Text (writing)
PATPicture and Text
PATPre-Authorized Transfer (various organizations)
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If Pat was miles away when it was wished it wouldn't be reasonable to expect to see him right off.
Well, anyhow, we've got Pat and that's the main thing," said Felix.
Tis foolishness, of course," said he, roughly, "but I'd be cut up some meself if our little Pat was kidnapped or anything.
Toto barked at the Cowardly Lion in joyous greeting, for he knew the beast of old and loved him, and it was funny to see how gently the Lion raised his huge paw to pat Toto's head.
General Tyre earnings dip: The company posted PAT for 1HFY18 at Rs427m (EPS: Rs7.
For her entire life Pat lived in the same house in Belmont which had once belonged to her grandparents and which she later shared with her mum, dad and younger sister Sue, who died a number of years ago.
Pat became an overnight celebrity when she accidentally flashed her knickers to a photographer in Blackpool in 1951.
Rik Rasos: Not really a fan of it but Pat insists that I watch 'Black Mirror.
How will they run democracy when they come into government", said PAT leader.
That happened when Pat was an incoming Smith College freshman working as a camp counselor in New Hampshire and Bob, a Dartmouth sophomore, was hiking on Mount Moosilauke.
I know Pat is only boxing at about 70% of his ability as he is still rusty.