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PATCOPort Authority Transit Corporation
PATCOProfessional, Administrative, Technical, Clerical and Other (US Civil Service classification)
PATCOProfessional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, Inc (Florida)
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He refuted the misconception about the PATCO and clarified that the company would not affect research activities, rather it would enhance practical and applicable agriculture research.
McCartin does an excellent job fleshing out the individual characters who sensed this widespread dissatisfaction and channelled it into support for the organization that would become PATCO.
The PATCO dispute is important for two broader reasons other than the usual drama associated with an industrial dispute; even one where a union decides to take on a government and its President.
Like two planes on a collision course, two expressions of the 1960s--large public sector unions, represented by PATCO, and the conservative movement, represented by Reagan--were headed for a clash.
That July 3, PATCO conducted "Operation Air Safety," illustrating both the absurdity of some of the regulations to which air traffic controllers were supposed to adhere as well as the power of the new organization to slow down air travel.
It is not as if it started with Ronald Reagan and PATCO in 1980 or 1981, as many believe.
Flores credits a single event nearly 20 years ago with altering acceptable tactics in a labor dispute: the infamous PATCO strike, when President Ronald Reagan fired more than 11,000 members of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Association who had illegally walked off the job, banning them from government employment and hiring replacement workers.
Reagan fired most of the PATCO union's air-traffic controllers after they went on strike.
The successful Teamster strike at UPS gave a huge boost to the labor movement, which had suffered one lost strike after another--from PATCO to Hormel to Staley to Caterpillar to Bridgestone/Firestone.
The state contract with PATCO says, "Only one contractor |was~ identified with specific experience |that~ could perform the contract before Dec.
You had [National Association of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians] losing to NBC, PATCO losing to Reagan, and Frank Lorenzo union-busting at Eastern," says Jim Sadwith, an Emmy-nominated television writer, "a string of very public union conflicts won by management.
It is at the only place in Philadelphia that the New Jersey PATCO line and Philadelphia's SEPTA system connect.