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PATEPhilippine Association for Technical Education
PATEProduction Acceptance Test & Evaluation
PATEProduct Assurance Test and Evaluation
PATEPulmonary Arterial Thromboembolism (vascular medicine)
PATEPeripheral Arterial Thromboembolic Events (surgery)
PATEPacific Association for Teacher Education (regional teacher education network; Suva, Fiji)
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On one side of the volume was painted a bottle; on the reverse a pate.
Evidently he had looked for the bald pate of a thern.
Now by the bright eyes of Nan o' the Mill, and by mine own name and that's Wat o' the Crabstaff, and by mine own mother's son, and that's myself, will I, even I, Wat o' the Crabstaff, meet this same sturdy rogue, and gin he mind not the seal of our glorious sovereign King Harry, and the warrant of the good Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, I will so bruise, beat, and bemaul his pate that he shall never move finger or toe again
It was an old man that made his way alone through the gloomy jungle, a wrinkled, dried up, little old man hideously scarred and tattooed and strangely garbed, with the skin of a hyena about his shoulders and the dried head mounted upon his grey pate.
One garment was all that Norman of Torn would permit him, and as the sun was hot overhead he selected for the Bishop a bassinet for that single article of apparel, to protect his tonsured pate from the rays of old sol.
At times, from weakness, his head drooped and rested on the woolly pate.
A Fly came up and kept buzzing about his bald pate, and stinging him from time to time.
This last argument, however, by no means commended itself to the pupil of Ockham, who plucked a great stick from the ground and signified his dissent by smiting the realist over the pate with it.
This is not the first time I have suffered for your numscull's pate.
It was filled with friandises, with luscious and toothsome bits--the finest of fruits, pates, a rare bottle or two, delicious syrups, and bonbons in abundance.
The white skins, the flowing yellow wigs which covered their bald pates, and the gorgeous diadems set in circlets of gold about their heads marked them as Holy Therns.
Then fear came upon her; for in those times, look you, they used to make pates of human flesh for the seigneurs, who were very fond of them.