PATMPlanetary Atmospheres
PATMPassenger Air Transport Movement (limit)
PATMPay Attention to Me
PATMPeople Allergic to Me
PATMPhiladelphia Area Transit Map (Philadelphia, PA)
PATMPerformance-Based Air Traffic Management
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Appendix 1 (available online only) provides details of the PATM protocol and the clinical materials that were developed.
Team members (PJM, TLZ, JAH) wrote and reviewed a series of 15 "chapters" that were deemed necessary to educate audiologists about clinical management of tinnitus using the PATM model.
Multimedia Materials to Support PATM Model in Department of Veterans Affairs Audiology Clinics
Approximately 2 yr were spent developing the PATM clinical materials and online training modules (described in Appendixes 1 and 2, respectively; available online only).
The audiologists were randomized by the study biostatistician to provide either PATM or usual care (UC) for tinnitus management.
The procedures developed for PATM were evidence based and did not have any more risk than UC.
During the audiologic assessment, all patients randomized to PATM received a self-help workbook that was developed to support PATM [19].
The PATM communicates through Metering Technology Corporation's power line carrier interface to the meter.
Eliminating the in-home PATM provides a more affordable prepayment solution.
PATMs equipped with a modem support two-way communication between the utility and the home.
This will replace the current limit of 120,000 PATMs and represents an increase from 8 million passengers a year to around 15 million.
The VeriSmart software with PATM devices not only offers consumers the latest technology in smart card services, but will provide us with a guide to consumer attitudes and behavior in relation to this home banking concept," said Frank Doherty, project manager, Electronic Banking, Allied Irish Banks.