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PATUPan-African Telecommunications Union
PATUPolice Anti-Terrorist Unit (South Africa)
PATUPan American Taekwondo Union
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Herrera viajo a San Jose con los gastos de pasaje cubiertos por la Secretaria de la Juventud, Recreacion y del Deporte de Chiapas --equivalente al instituto del deporte estatal--, sin el aval y la inscripcion de su federacion, pero confiado en entrevistarse con el titular de la PATU y con la esperanza de obtener la autorizacion.
But after the Iapipi court sitting, and after the attempt to shut down the PCA, the papamama dispute came to a head at a meeting of the Patu when several men complained that they had been severely insulted by the court, and that if the matter was not withdrawn they would demand hamal, a sacrifice of a pig to expiate the debasement of their nitsunono, the authority-essence of tsunono.
Former Tata executive Patu Keswani saw an untapped business opportunity in the glaring absence of quality mid- market hotels, took the leap of faith and created the hugely successful Lemon Tree chain.
Perhaps if the patu was returned, mum's cancer would go too.
The first off-take agreement is between PaTu Wind and OneEnergy Renewables, while the second one is with Seattle City Light, Seattle's publicly owned electric utility.
Patu began his career with Tata Administrative Service after completing his Bachelors' Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1981 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.
28) Lama Ngawang Khedrub (Ngag dbang mkhas grub), "later known as the Twelfth Abbot Wagindra Patu Siddhi, was born in Mongolia in 1779, began his monastic education at Tashi Gomang College at Urga and completed his Rabjampa Geshe degree at Drepung in Central Tibet.
The radical possibilities for communication and information exchange offered by the internet fuel a Western assumption that the Lao discourse of nanyobai peht patu or "open door policy" is one of democratic transition.
A Sindhi translation was recently produced by cAbd al-Jabbar Siddiql (Hyderabad, Pakistan: Idarah-yi Patu Ha'us Pablishar, 1998).
Making a set of equipment such as tirakau (used in stick games), taiaha and patu (traditional weapons) not only provided knowledge about the items, but was also an opportunity to learn about local natural resources and the environment.