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PAULAPossession of Alcohol Under the Legal Age
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Paula, a grandmother of two from West Belfast, thought her life was over as she faced a year off work recovering.
Paula Marshall, 48, was an Australian-born beautician who lived in Alexandria, Virginia, with her older husband Rolf, 74.
Paula is a respected science teacher, whereas James scratches a living day to day doing maintenance jobs, stealing from his poorly mother and sleeping with his clients.
Paula, 43, of Crosland Moor, decided to have her 24-inch locks turned into hair pieces in memory of sister Diane Welborn, 56, of Deighton, who lost her hair during chemotherapy after being diagnosed with blood cancer.
e mum-of-two, from Linthorpe, was told she may only have months to live in April - but after a marathon fundraising eort, Paula continues to stay positive.
Follow Paula Caponetti designs at paulacaponettidesigns.
Paula, from Nuneaton, had finally become pregnant after she and security worker husband Matt, 33, underwent fertility treatment.
AGA s President and CEO Dave McCurdy stated that at present, Paula functions as AGA s Senior Vice President for Policy and Planning.
It didn't bother Paula that this had been done before by other artists: finding subjects on the subway.
Two years ago, identical twin Paula was diagnosed with breast cancer and told the treatment she needed to save her life may leave her unable to have children.
Today and tomorrow, police will be calling at every house around Culme Road as they try to find witnesses to what may have happened to former bartender Paula.
Paula had always dreamt of working as a legal secretary.