PAVDValdez Pioneer Field Airport (Valdez, Alaska, USA)
PAVDPeripheral Arterial Vascular Disease (cardiology)
PAVDPrivate Arbeitsvermittlung Deutschland
PAVDPredominant Aesthetic Venous Disease (type of varicose vein)
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This interchange versus cost aspect of PAVD had been in place a long time, Hall explained, but it had never really been a factor in debit program economics because PAVD was used so rarely.
Maybe two or three debit transactions a week might come over PAVD before, now they are up 35% or 40% at some credit unions," he said.
The net result, Hall and Lozier noted, are more debit transactions coming in over Visa's PAVD than might have otherwise--and that could be good for some credit unions and bad for others.