PAVE LOWSikorsky MH-53H/J Project
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The two Pave Lows also turned so as to overfly Vega, then turned to the west to hold.
The primary CSAR alert package of three helicopters--just as before, two Pave Lows and a Pave Hawk --launched from Tuzla AB as soon as the downed pilot was located, authenticated, and a threat assessment accomplished.
Denehan spotted Goldfein's strobe light and dashed in for the pickup as the Pave Lows orbited above, guns ready to suppress any immediate threat to the force.
The Pave Lows used their TF/TA radar and FLIR to stay less than fifty feet above the ground and exploited whatever variations in terrain were available in an attempt to mask their flight paths from the search radars at the sites.
The Pave Lows flew to the pre-briefed drop-off points, where their gunners and flight engineers threw out the bunches of green chemical sticks.
The combination of the Pave Lows and Apaches had worked as hoped.
Approaching the airfield near Ar Ar, just twenty-five miles south of the border, the four Pave Lows of Red Team and White Team assumed CSAR alert duties as their Apaches proceeded back to Al Jouf.
With their precision navigation capability, Air Force Pave Lows led Army Apaches to make the opening shots of Desert Storm in 1991.